SONNET, Volume I


Thank you for your interest in SONNET, Volume I, 2018, The Early Italian Sonnet. We are happy to share a section of this first volume of the journal. Included in the link below are the following: Title Page, Inscription, Table of Contents, Welcome to Sonnet, Sonnet Style by Roman James Hoffman, several thirteenth-century Italian sonnets and modern poems, more articles and book reviews, SONNET submission guidelines, and a preview of Volume II, Sonnets of Dante, 2019.

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The Early Italian Sonnet

Amore è uno desio che ven da’ core

per abondanza di gran piacimento;

e li occhi in prima generan l’amore

e lo core li dà nutricamento.

Ben è alcuna fiata om amatore

senza vedere so ’namoramento,

ma quell’amor che stringe con furore

da la vista de li occhi ha nascimento:


chè li occhi rapresentan a lo core

d’onni cosa che veden bono e rio

com’è formata naturalemente;

e lo cor, che di zo è concepitore,

imagina, e li piace quel desio:

e questo amore regna fra la gente.

Pier della Vigna, ca. 1235 AD, Sicily


Welcome to SONNET. We are launching a new poetry journal, SONNET, dedicated to the exploration of this poetic form in every aspect of creating, writing, translating, analyzing, and appreciating sonnet verse. We are fascinated by sonnets, and we hope you are as well, or will be so intrigued, as you join us, by this unique poetry form that holds such beauty of structure in the expression of meaning and in the art of the word, particularly within our modern world of poetry. We publish everything sonnet – poems, comments, discoveries, factual information, critiques, sonnets through the ages, evolving forms of the sonnet, incredible variations of the sonnet form, and much more.

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