Welcome to SONNET, a new poetry journal dedicated to the exploration of this poetic form in every aspect of creating, writing, translating, analyzing, and appreciating sonnet verse. We are fascinated by sonnets, and we hope you are as well, or will be so intrigued, as you join us, by this unique poetry form that holds such beauty of structure in the expression of meaning and in the art of the word, particularly within our modern world of poetry. We publish everything sonnet – poems, comments, book reviews, new discoveries, history, critiques, analysis, evolving forms of the sonnet, variations of the sonnet form, art, resources for further study, and more. Each issue will focus on a theme, but also include a variety of topics.

SONNET welcomes original poetry as well as articles of literary scholarship in the history and analysis of the sonnet. We hope you join us and contribute often to this journal.

SONNET is currently accepting submissions of poetry, prose, book reviews, comments, art, and articles reflecting an interest in sonnet verse. We cordially invite you to explore with us the world of the sonnet on-site and through the journal. All inquiries, comments, and submissions should be made to https://sonnetmagazine.wordpress.comhttps://www.facebook.com/ajournalofpoetry, OR sonnetmagazine@gmail.com.

You may also send your submission, as well as all correspondence, to SONNET Journal, Attn: Barbara Prescott, 125 S. President St., Wheaton, IL  60187.

Again, our most cordial welcome to the enchantingly colorful and profoundly poetic world of the sonnet.


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